English - 

 This month we will work on letter writing; letter format, envelope addressing, etc.. In grammar we will focus on sentences; diagramming, two subject, two predicates, fragments, etc. We will also be doing our English book report this month.

   French -

 We will complete our unit on commercials and advertisement strategies. We will also be finishing up our unit on procedures - through recipes.

   Social Studies -

 We will continue analyzing the historic and contemporary relationship of people to land in Canada along with Canada's     relationship with countries bordering the Atlantic Coast and the impact on the lives of people living in said countries.

   Science -

 This month we will continue our unit on Diversity of living things!

    Math -

 This month we are starting a mathematics unit on motion geometry called transformations.

 Working on transformational geometry helps students develop spatial sense.
  Many everyday activities, such as map reading, giving directions, and following assembly instructions, rely on these skills.

 In this unit, your child will:

·         Identify and draw shapes on a grid.

·         Apply and describe single transformations of a shape on a grid.

·         Draw and describe the image of a shape after two or more transformations.

·         Use transformations to create designs.

·         Explore transformations using technology.

Here are some suggestions for activities you can do at home with your child:

·        Draw a map of your neighbourhood on a grid.
Identify the coordinates of 3 different locations.

·         Play games where coordinate grids are used (such as Battleship®).

·         Look for designs or patterns that show transformations (translations, reflections, rotations) or combinations of transformations; for example,
patterns on wallpaper, tiled floors, clothing, and art.
Have your child describe the transformations he or she sees.

·        Hold an object in front of a mirror. Have your child compare the object to its reflection image.

   Art -
  We will be starting a unit on comic strips.

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