English - 

 This month we will work on poetic figures to create our poetry books. We will also read a novel using literacy circles.

   French -

 We will also be finishing up our unit on procedures - through recipes. We will also start a unit on commercials and French Canadian Media - in order to understand media publicity and persuasive techniques. Students will also have a French International Article to find - summarize and reflect upon.

   Social Studies -

 We will continue analyzing the historic and contemporary relationship of people to land in Canada along with Canada's     relationship with countries bordering the Atlantic Coast and the impact on the lives of people living in said countries.

   Science -

 This month we will start our unit on Diversity of living things within Ecosystems.

    Math -

This month, we will finish unit 5, on fractions ratio's and percentages. This unit will continue into June.

In this unit, your child will:
• Model, compare, and order fractions and percentages.
• Explore equivalent fractions and percentages.
• Relate fractions to division and to percentages.
• Use ratio's to record measurements.
• Pose and solve problems involving fractions, ratio's and percentages.

   Art -
  We will be starting a unit on line and texture.

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