English - We continue to focus on reading comprehension and writing. Specifically, we finish our procedural essay and start persuasive writing techniques.

French -   We will continue our research project : concours d'art oratoire (french speeches), and the students will have the opportunity to work with our French monitor this month to improve their oral skills.

Social studies - We will continue our unit analyzing the historic and contemporary relationship of people to land in Canada and the impact of the environment on the lives of people living in Canada.

Math -

Grade 5 Unit 4 - wrapping up our unit on measurement.

Grade 6 Unit 6 - wrapping up our unit on Geometry and measurement

Art -  We will finish our texture unit and start our Drama unit this month - puppet theatre!

 February 3rd - Family movie night 6:15-8:30

  February 1st - 6's curling AM
                       - TERM 1 Progress Reports

  Febuary 7th - Trappers challenge @ Last Mountain House all day

  February 8th - 6's curling AM

 February 16th - Swimming @ SSLC PM
 February 20th-27th - Break/ No school

 Ferbuary 15th - SRC Backwards day
                        - day of pink presentation

 February 16th - Day of Pink

  Ferbaury 17th - Mackenzie Art Gallery school visit 230-330

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