English -

  We continue to focus on reading comprehension and writing. Our class will be working on; essay writing, organizing ideas, finding the main idea in descriptive writing; biographies etc.

   French -    

  We will continue our research project : concours d'art oratoire (french speeches), and the students will have the opportunity to work with our French monitor this month to improve their oral skills.

   Social studies -

  We will start a unit analyzing the historic and contemporary relationship of people to land in Canada along with Canada's     relationship with countries bordering the Atlantic Coast and the impact on the lives of people living in said countries.

  Science -

  We will continue our unit on Diversity of living things and classification.


   Math -

 Unit 6 - wrapping up our unit on Geometry and measurement.

   Art - 
  We will finish our texture unit and start
our visual art unit on colors and contrast.


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