English - 

  Our class will be working on; essay writing, organizing ideas, finding the main idea in descriptive writing; biographies. We will also be continuing our work with reading comprehension, etc.

  French - 

  French Provincial Article Summary and Reflection due on the last day of the month (January 31 st),

 Grammar - we will be working on masculin and femenin agreements, and homophones.

 Reading -  we will start our concours d'art oratoire (french speech writing) this month as well.

  Social studies -

We will continue our unit on Mapping.


We will continue our unit on Diversity of living things and classification.

  Math -

 Unit 6 - geometry and measurement.

 In this unit, your child will:

·         Name and sort triangles by their side lengths, angle measures, and
  angle types.

·         Construct triangles given side lengths and/or angle measures.

·         Sort polygons into sets of regular and irregular polygons, and into sets of
  convex or concave polygons.

·         Demonstrate congruence.

·         Develop and apply formulas to determine:
  – the perimeters of polygons
  – the area of rectangles
  – the volume of rectangular prisms.

 Here are some suggestions for activities you can do at home with your child.

·         Cut cardboard strips of different lengths, then explore different shapes that can
  be made from them. Compare the angles that result.

·         Look for and identify as many 2-D shapes of different types as you can in your environment. Encourage your child to name      each type of shape, and to tell how the shapes are alike and different.  

·         Find the length and width of rectangular-shaped items in your home, such as a table top and the screen of a computer monitor. Have your child find the area and perimeter of each rectangle.

·         Compare the volumes of different rectangular prisms in your home, such as a cereal box and a recycling bin.

   Art -

  Visual Art - line and texture.


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