English - 

Our class will be working on; essay writing, organizing ideas, finding the main idea in persuasive writing etc.

French - 

Gr. 5 French book report due on the last day of the month (January 31 st).

Gr. 6 French Provincial Article Summary and Reflection due on the last day of the month (January 31 st).

Grammar - we will be working on masculin and femenin agreements, and homophones.

Reading - we will explore french theater and we will start our concours d'art oratoire (french speech writing) this month as well.

Social studies - We will start our unit analyzing the historic and contemporary relationship of people to land in Canada and the impact of the environment on the lives of people living in Canada. 

Science -  We will be starting our unit on force and simple machines.

Math -This month we will start unit 4, on measurement.

In this unit, your child will:
• Estimate and measure length in millimeters and centimeters.
• Investigate the relationships between millimeters and centimeters, and
between millimeters and meters.
• Explore rectangles with equal perimeters.
• Explore rectangles with equal areas.
• Construct different rectangles, given the area and/or perimeter.
• Estimate, measure, and record volume in cubic centimeters and in cubic
• Estimate, measure, and record capacity in milliliters and liters.

Grade 6 Math -

Unit 6 - geometry and measurement

Art - We will start a unit on Drama to go along with our Theater reading in French.


 January 5th - School resumes

 January 10th - Cross Country skiing AM

                     - Reading Buddies PM

                     - Grade 6 curling presentation PM

 January 12th - Grade 6's curling AM

 January 17th - Making Healthy relationships presentation AM

 January 18th - Skating at Balfour PM

 January 19th - Grade 6's curling AM

 January 26th - Cross Country skiing PM

 January 27th - PD day no school for students


 January 30th -Fred visits from Outdoor Ed to prepare

                       us for our field trip to Last Mountain House


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