English -   

In writing we will be continuing on our poetry unit and students will include poetic figures to write a song. In grammar, we are diagramming sentences. In reading we are starting our unit on debate to go along with our persuasive writing techniques.


   French -  This month we will be working on poetry analysis in order to better understand poetic techniques. We will also be working on creating dynamic theater pieces.

   Social studies -
 We will start our unit analyzing the historic and contemporary relationship of people to land in   Canada and the impact of the environment on the lives of people living in Canada.

   Science -

   We will continue our unit on Diversity with Ecosystems and take a field trip to study living things within their own ecosystems.

   Math -

This month, our class will explore a unit on probability and statistics. We will learn how to interpret data on graphs and how to analyze given results. This unit can contribute to decision making in real life situations, such as: game play, etc.

In this unit, your child will:

         learn the difference between first and second hand   data;

         construct and interpret graphs in order to draw conclusions;

         describe, compare, predict and test the likelihood of probable outcomes;

  Art -

We will finishing our unit on line and textures.

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