I believe that teachers have one of the most important roles in our society; to motivate children to become inquisitive and independent learners. I know that every child, no matter the circumstance, has the ability to learn, and that it is the responsibility of every teacher to find the means and resources to enable a positive learning environment. With that being said, children crave structure, respect, attention and the ability to express their own opinion. I am convinced that every classroom must first establish rules with the students in order to encourage them to take responsibility for their actions towards everyone’s expectations.

 I trust in Gardner’s research towards the multiple intelligences and that they must be practiced in a classroom in order to develop meta-cognition in every child’s learning. As an educator, I should be held accountable for my decisions towards the material I choose to incorporate as well as the method of learning I explore with the children. In addition, the bodies of work, projects, and assignments assigned to the students must be engaging and appropriate to their level of instruction within the boundaries of the curriculum.

I also reinforce the importance of goal setting towards the development of the French language and culture due to the fact that the immersion program is a linguistic minority in the community. I am passionate about inspiring the students in both their oral and written growth and will incorporate mediums in my classroom which will allow for every student to achieve their optimum learning potential in a second or possibly third language.

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