English -   Writing to explain, non-fiction reading comprehension, etc.

6-Local article summary and reflection due October 31st.

French -  present verb tenses, -IR -RE -ER verbs and their endings, continue exploring how to use a Bescherelle with their writing, self-editing, paragraph writing ( adding/completing ideas and thoughts), novel study, elements of a narrative, etc.

Social studies - First nations relationships amongst themselves and other cultures.

Science - We will continue our unit on Electricity and create our own extension cords!

 Math - This month, into the month of November, we will be working on decimal numbers.

In this unit, your child will:

·         Use a place-value chart to investigate numbers with decimal places
beyond thousandths.

·         Estimate products and quotients with decimals.

·         Multiply decimals by a whole number.

·         Divide decimals to thousandths by a 1-digit number.

·         Pose and solve problems involving decimal operations.

Decimals are used and encountered frequently in our world. For example, decimals are found in the prices of items in stores, in baseball batting averages, in times taken to complete races, in dosages of medication, and on the spines of library books.

Here are some activities you can do with your child to support her or his learning.

·         Have your child look through newspapers, magazines, or the Internet for examples of numbers with decimal places beyond thousandths (for example,
0.0003 mg, or 23.0235 kg). Have your child say these numbers aloud.

·         While shopping, encourage your child to estimate the total cost of 3 or more
of the same item. Have your child explain whether the estimate is an overestimate or an underestimate.

·         While shopping, given the price of a package of 3 or more items,
have your child estimate the cost of one.

Art -  Veterans day art projects.


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