Our class will be doing a lot of introductory projects and activities

 this month in order to establish our routines!


   Grade 6 Current events article as a class,
   Vocabulary building, non-fiction writing, paragraph building, etc.

  Reading strategies, paragraph structure and writing, self editing, grammar (introduction to verb tenses)

   Science -

  We will start with a unit on Electricity. This includes circuits and how energy works.

   Math -
 Throughout the year we will be working on math facts. However, we will start the year working on natural numbers and  estimation {Module 2 of Math Makes Sense 6}.

  In this unit, your child will:

·         Represent, read, and write very large numbers.

·         Identify multiples, factors, and prime and composite numbers.

·         Learn which method of computation (estimation, mental math, paper and pencil, or technology) is appropriate in a given   situation.

·         Read and write whole numbers in standard, expanded, and written forms.

·         Use place value to represent, read, and order whole numbers.

·         Identify and describe multiples and factors to 100.

·         Identify and describe composite and prime numbers to 100.

·         Use the order of operations.

·         Use a calculator to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

·         Pose and solve multi-step problems.

·         Develop an understanding of integers.

Whole numbers and integers are used and encountered frequently in our world. For example, whole numbers identify populations, altitudes of mountains, elevations of aircraft, and salaries. Integers identify temperatures above and below freezing, elevations above and below sea level, and plus/minus scores in hockey.

Here are some activities you can do to enhance your child’s learning:

·         Together, plan the cost of a family outing or trip.

·         Help your child find and read large numbers in newspapers and magazines.

·         Encourage your child to estimate the total cost of several items as you shop.

   Identity in visual art and aboriginal culture.


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