École W.S. Hawrylak School Electronic Device Policy

(Updated - December 2016)

École W.S. Hawrylak School recognizes the fact that many students carry electronic devices on them at all times and for a variety of reasons. This policy includes the following electronic devices, although not limited to: cell phones, smart phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, laptops, etc. Our school supports a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment that contributes to enhancing student learning opportunities, as long as the following procedures are adhered to in order to respect the learning and safety of all students and staff.

     School Wide Policies:

1.       The device can ONLY be used under the supervision and authorization of a staff member during school hours or school events.

·          The device is not to be used during break times, which includes: bathroom breaks and outdoor recess. Morning bus drop off, lunch and indoor recess device usage must be authorized by a supervising staff member. This includes phone calls, texting, gaming, social media, etc.

·          The device is not to be used to record (audio or visual) or photograph, staff or students unless authorized by a supervising staff member. Students need to ask permission first.

2.       Students are not to contact home during school hours, unless authorized by a supervising staff member. This includes:

·          All phone calls and messages from any phone (mobile or landline) or device.

·          Answering or responding to calls, texts, or messages during instruction and class time as this disrupts their learning and the learning of others.

·          Parents must contact the office if immediate communicate with their child during school hours is required.

3.        W.S. Hawrylak School is not responsible or liable for lost, stolen or damaged devices.

·          Students who choose to bring a device to school accept full responsibility for its use and care.

·          Teachers have the discretion to ask students to turn in their phones before class starts to prevent misuse, theft, and/or damage.


Failure to Adhere to the W.S. Hawrylak School Electronic Device Policy:

1.     Initial breach of use - Device will be taken away and returned to the student at the end of the day. Homeroom teachers will document all breaches of use.

2.        Regular breach of use - Device will be taken away and given to administration. The homeroom teacher will provide Administration with a copy of the document of breaches. A phone call will be made home to determine return of the device.

3.        Continued breach of use - Student will no longer be allowed to bring the device to school.


Note: If any student uses a device in an inappropriate manner that directly impacts the well-being or dignity of a student or staff member, further disciplinary action will be taken, including, but not limited to no longer being allowed to bring the device to school.


The W.S. Hawrylak Device Policy and Procedure will be posted on the website, communicated to students directly by the teacher, posted in the classroom and a copy sent home to parents.


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