English -   5-Book report due - December 20th,  writing to explain, Reading comprehension: non-fiction texts, etc.

6- persuasive writing, Reading comprehension: non-fiction texts, etc.

French - Grammar - masculine and feminine, dictionary skills, following oral directions,  the components of a sentence, etc.


6-French provincial article due December 20th

Science - We will finish our unit on the Space.

Math -
This month we are doing a unit on patterns and
equations. Patterns occur regularly in mathematics. As children learn to analyze patterns, they develop powerful reasoning skills that will help them make sense of mathematics. Knowing how to create equations helps your child to solve story problems.

In this unit, your child will:
• Analyse a number pattern and state the pattern rule.
• Pose and solve problems by applying a patterning strategy.
• Describe a pattern using an expression.
• Interpret a problem and select the best strategy.
• Express a problem as an equation.
• Create and solve equations using all four operations.

Grade 6 Math -

Art - Collage and Coloring


December 2nd -PD DAY no school for students

December 6th - Reading buddies

December 12th - Skating @ Balfour PM

December 14th and 15th - Winter concert 1:30 and 7:00 pm

December 23rd - Carolling at 9:15 in the main gym
                         -GIFT EXCHANGE

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