English -

  We are finishing our biographies using descriptive writing as our focus. We are also working on reading comprehension: non-fiction texts, and strategies to enhance understanding, etc.

  French -

  Grammar - masculine and feminine, dictionary skills. We are also continuing our story writing - working on revision and the writing process as our focus.

   6-French provincial article due December 20th

  Science -

   We will continue our unit on Flight!

   Math -

 This month we are doing a unit on patterns and

 Patterns occur in nature, art, and many everyday activities. They can be described
  using numbers, words, symbols and models. Equations are an important way
  of stating mathematical relationships. Analysing patterns and balancing equations
  are important skills that help develop your child’s number sense and
  algebraic reasoning.

 In this unit, your child will:

·         Find a pattern rule for a number pattern.

·         Identify, extend, and create patterns.

·         Describe the same pattern in many ways.

·         Use patterns to solve problems.

·         Create a graph to represent a number pattern.

·         Preserve the balance in an equation by making the same change to
  each side of the equation.

 Patterns occur in many forms. We find them in fabrics, price lists, growth charts,
  and sports schedules. By drawing your child’s attention to the patterns that occur
  in everyday life, you can help to foster her or his mathematical thinking.

  Art -

  We will continue our unit on creating personal responses to a variety of arts expression.


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